Welcome to our website, if you are familiar with our name, it is probably through our success with our Hampshire frame sheep for the past eighteen years.  Having dispersed our frame sheep last spring, we are now ready to reintroduce our Hampshires in a new light.  With the tremendous help of Lee and Brant Wheaton, we are now committed to the Hampshire Club Lamb industry. 
My relationship with Hampshire sheep first began with a friendship with the Wheaton Family.  Leland has been a mentor every step of the way-as a young boy he gave me my first Hampshire ewe.  He then introduced me to 4-H where I met my wife Tracey-when it became time to introduce our own children, Ashley and Matt to 4-H, it was Leland who sold us four bred ewes which ultimately led to a family project that became Gordeneer Hampshires.  When we made the decision to produce Hampshire Club Lambs, once again we sought advice from Leland and now Brant, both are very interested in seeing us succeed.  As a foundation ewe, they sold us Wheaton 574, a Pipeline daughter from their donor program.  She produced the stud rams “Thriller” and “Heritage” as well as Wheaton 9-106, a top donor ewe in their program today.  Her offspring include top studs like “Perfection”, “Arrested Development”, “True Classic”, “Hef”, “Front Page”, “Shameless”, “Showtime”, as well as a keeper “Grizz” son and a “Public Enemy” son this year.  We now have seven 574 daughters to build on by sires like “Mosey”, “True Classic”, “Centerfold” and “Big Papi”.  This past year we purchased three top “Powercat” daughters, all with donor potential, including Wheatons $8750.00 fall ewe lamb in Sedalia, we now have six exciting March lambs on the groung sired by “Centerfold” out of this ewe.

 Our immediate goal is to produce enough high quality Hampshires to warrant your visit, so if you find yourself in south central Michigan please give us a call, we are ten minutes from Wheaton Hampshires.  Thank you
Jeff and Tracey Gordeneer


Thank you everyone that has purchased lambs from us this first year selling whether sheep.  We appreciate your business!